Artificial Turf Attachment

It is important to keep synthetic turf maintained for optimal performance. The Avant Artificial Turf Maintenance Attachment is made for professional cleaning and maintenance of synthetic turf. It cleans, filters and returns the infill in a single pass. The fully hydraulic system, powered with an Avant loader, performs the cleaning tasks efficiently, economically and with very low impact on all synthetic turf surfaces.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of synthetic turf surfaces reduces compaction and sustains optimum surface conditions and playing dynamics year-around. Well maintained synthetic turf sport surfaces also reduce the risk of acute and chronic injuries to players.

Key features and benefits of the Avant Artificial Turf Attachment include:

  • Rotating main brush
  • Adjustable main brush and optional decompaction rake
  • Turbine powered dust and fine particle extraction system including 2 collection hoppers
  • Adjustable and interchangeable sieving chamber with 2 large rear hoppers to collect larger debris
  • Rubber/cork infill sieve as standard, other optional sieves available
  • Refill unit operating at 1.5x the ground speed puts back the cleaned rubber and soil
  • Foldable following brush at the back of the unit to level the infill and finish the cleaning
  • Can be attached to an Avant Tilt Adapter for easy access through gates

In addition to the Avant Artificial Turf Attachment we also have the Avant Artificial Turf Maintenance Brush. The Avant Artificial Turf Maintenance Brush is ideal for daily and weekly maintenance of synthetic grass.

The Avant loader can do more than just clean your synthetic turf and grass.  With over 200 hundred attachments available you only need one loader for all your jobs, the Avant loader.

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Working width1200 mm
Weight360 kg
Product no, without rear brushA36494
Product no, with rear brushA37230


Rear brushA37035
Front rakeA37061
Sand sieveA421389
Deep cleaning sieveA421391
Tilt adapter 90° (*A36505

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