Asphalt Spreader

The Avant Asphalt Spreader is an efficient and easy to operate attachment for smaller repairs of asphalt on roads, parking lots, pavements and yards. It is intended for spreading Mastic Asphalt (Guss Asphalt) which is made especially for surface repairs. The Avant Asphalt Spreader doesn’t work with traditional asphalt.

Designed so that the new asphalt surface runs between the wheels of the loader, a 700 mm wide asphalt strip is spread by driving the Avant loader forward.  A hydraulically operated hatch at the bottom of the spreader sends the right amount of asphalt to the rear compacting plate which compacts the asphalt. Additional compacting with an asphalt roller is unnecessary. The unit moves on skid
shoes made of Hardox steel.

The required aggregate (sand) spreading on asphalt – to make the new asphalt less slippery – can be done at the same time with the
rear mounted Avant Sand Spreader.

  • Easy and fast asphalt surface repairs on roads, pavements, parking lots and yards
  • Works with Mastic Asphalt
  • Rear compacting plate on the spreader compacts the asphalt, additional finishing with asphalt roller unnecessary
  • Aggregate spreading can be done at the same time with the rear mounted Avant Sand Spreader

Technical Details

Working Width700 mm
Total Width
902 mm
Volume360 l
Length1050 mm
Height913 mm
Weight240 kg
Compaction plate height adjustment0 – 40 mm
Product noA427857

Compatible Models

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