The Avant Collecting Broom 1100 is designed for use with the Avant 200, 400 and 500 series mini loaders.

The broom diameter is 500 mm, and consists of 32 pieces of brush segments which can be changed one by one. The broom is equipped with the Optifloat™ quick attach system and three large support wheels which allows both vertical and sideways floating of the broom and guarantees efficient sweeping on uneven surfaces.Two indicator arrows on the Optifloat™ quick attach bracket make the adjustment of the floating very easy. The broom height can be adjusted manually, to compensate wear of the nylon bristles.

The 80 l collector box is mounted in front of the broom. Emptying of the box is hydraulic.

Optional water spraying system for dust binding and one side brush are available as an option.

  • Equipped with Optifloat™ > works well on uneven surfaces as well
  • Broom height can be adjusted manually
  • Collector box with hydraulic emptying in front of the broom, box volume 80 l
  • Optional water spraying system available
  • Attachment for Avant 200, 400 and 500 series mini loaders

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Broom width1100 mm
Total width1350 mm
Broom diameter500 mm
Collector box volume80 l
Water tank volume60 l
Weight without side brush315 kg*
Weight with 1 side brush340 kg*

*without water spraying system

Product noSide brushWater spraying system
A4262291 brushno
A4262311 brushyes


Water spraying system, with 60 l water tank A37431

Side brush A35698

(Water spraying system and side brush not available for 200 series)

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