Avant collecting broom 1500 is intended for professional property management  companies, city councils, municipalities etc. The broom has a heavy duty construction, floating brush axle, automatic brush wear compensation and three wheels which make working more stable.

The broom also features a well enclosed design all around the main brush. This offers a better collection result, especially when turning. Another benefit from the enclosed construction is less dust formation. The broom can be equipped with one or two side brushes. A specially designed water spraying system for dust binding is also available as an option.

  • Professional collecting broom for street and yard cleaning
  • Large collector box with hydraulic emptying
  • Floating axle allows vertical movement of the broom, which improves sweeping result on uneven surfaces
  • Broom is made of individual nylon brush segments which can be replaced one by one
  • Side brush (one or two) and water spraying system for dust binding available as an option


Model 1500
Broom width 1500 mm
Total width 1800 mm
Broom diameter 550 mm
Box emptying Hydraulic (with
two cylinders)
Box volume 200 l
Water tank volume 120 l
Weight without side brush 425 kg (without
water spraying system)
Weight with 1 side brush 450 kg
Weight with 2 side brushes 475 kg
Product no Side brush Water spraying
A35602 no no
A35918 1 brush no
A35919 1 brush yes


Product Product no
Side brush A35698
Water spraying system *) A35642

*) With water spraying system, powered by an electric motor, the optional attachment control switch pack is recommended on the loader.

Compatible Models

Model 220 225 225LPG 420 423 520 523 525LPG 528 530 630 635 640 745 750 755i 760i 850 860i e5 e6 R20 R28 R35
  •   Very Compatible
  •   Compatible
  •   Incompatible


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