Equipped with hydraulic blade turning, Avant dozer blade is the ideal tool for snow removal, earthmoving and similar jobs where the materials must be dozed away quickly. The blade is equipped with spring release mechanism which allows to blade to tilt backward in case it hits an obstacle, which protects the blade and driver. The spring release system is equipped with a single spring.

Thanks to the more curved blade than on the previous model the new dozer blade 1400 moves material more effficiently to the side. Blade height is the same as before, as well as the extensions and cutting edges. Two solid skid shoes are now standard feature. They reduce cutting edge wear and make work easier on uneven surfaces.

Two 180 mm extensions are available as an option. They can be mounted in straight or in collecting position. Rubber edge and ice cutting edge are also available as an option.

  • Economical dozer blade, well suited for snow removal
  • Spring release mechanism for improved safety
  • Two solid skid shoes as standard – reduce cutting edge wear and improve maneuverability
  • 180 mm extensions, ice cutting edge and rubber edge available as an option


Blade width1400 mm
Slewing angle± 30 degrees
Weight125 kg
Blade height380 mm
Product no.A36649


Rubber edge 1400 mmA32383
Ice cutting edge 1400 mmA32315
Extensions 2 x 180 mm *)A36651
Rubber edge 180 mmA48870
on extension
Ice cutting edge 180 mmA413823
on extension

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