Make electricity with Avant! – There are two generator models available: with 3,5 kVA or with 6,5 kVA output. The smaller model is equipped with 2x230V electric outlets, the 6,5 kVA model with 1x400V and 2x230V outlets. Generators can be used as a power source for power tools and small electrical appliances in places where net current is not available. High quality generators also guarantee electric current supply during power outages.

  • Make electricity with Avant in places where mains current is not available
  • For power tools, small electric appliances and electricity during shorter power outages
  • Generators with single phase and also three phase current available
  • With rear mounting the generator is always available, and other attachments can be mounted in the front


PowerOutletsMountProduct no
3,5 kVA2 x 230VFrontA35407
3,5 kVA2 x 230VRear *A35454
6,5 kVA2x230V & 1x400VFrontA35408
6,5 kVA2x230V & 1x400VRear *A35455

Compatible Models

  •   Very Compatible
  •   Compatible
  •   Incompatible


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