Heavy Duty Log Grab

The Heavy Duty Log Grab is designed to suit Avant compact articulated loaders. A great heavy duty, general purpose, log grab for all types of foliage. Comes standard with Faster Multi Connector.

The Heavy Duty Log Grab, combined with an Avant compact loader, is a strong log grab for customers who often need to move tree trunks, logs etc. The grab grips the wood firmly allowing for moving of bigger tree trunks. The lower tines are also better formed for grabbing bigger tree trunks.

  • Strong log grab, also for more professional and frequent log handling
  • Heavy duty design allows grabbing of bigger tree trunks as well
  • Grabbing and transporting of bigger stones and similar objects also possible

You can purchase the HD Log Grab online here. If you require other couplings, please specify at checkout.



Width960 mm
Weight160 kg
Product no580000
Store Link HD Log Grab

Compatible Models

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