The Avant Light Material Buckets are intended for handling saw dust, manure, wood chips, snow and other light materials.

The bottom of a light material bucket is considerably longer and the sides are higher than an Avant General Bucket, which speeds up the work a lot. There are no reinforcement plates inside the bucket which would interfere with loading and unloading, and the sides open forward on a slight angle which guarantees easy and complete emptying of all materials.

  • Fast and easy moving of light materials
  • Excellent visibility to the edge of the bucket
  • No reinforcement plates inside the bucket – easy filling and emptying
  • High back of the bucket prevents material from falling over the rear edge and guarantees high volume
  • Strong cutting edge made of high tensile, abrasion resistant wear steel
  • Ideal for use with Avant mini loaders


WidthVolumeWeightProduct no
1150 mm490 l125 kgA36715
1300 mm560 l135 kgA36714

Compatible Models

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  •   Incompatible


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