Avant log cutter/splitter is a very efficient firewood making machine. It combines a chain saw and a hydraulic log splitter. The hydraulically driven chain saw cuts the log, after cutting the log drops automatically on the splitting table where a hydraulic cylinder pushes the log against the splitting blade. Position of the splitting blade can be adjusted, according to the log diameter. The new model is equipped with a separate system with own oil tank for lubricating the saw chain. Discharge conveyor is available as an option.

Discharge conveyor is available as an option (for 400-700 series).

  • Powerful and safe log processor
  • Automated functios make work safe and efficient
  • Discharge conveyor available as an option


Max. log diametermax. 300 mm
Max. log lengthmax. 450 mm
Saw flange13″
Max. splitting force5,6 tn
Weight310 kg
Weight, discharge conveyor75 kg
Product noA415435

Compatible Models

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