Site Toolbox

The robust and versatile Avant Toolbox attachment mounts on the coupling plate attachment and can be transported with Avant compact articulated loader to and around the worksite.

The flat reinforced cover can be used as a workbench. Mount a screw vice on the box for the ultimate workbench.

The lid is equipped with gas springs and can be locked with a padlock. Four lifting lugs are mounted with bolts on the sides. They can also be removed if necessary. The box is also equipped with lifting brackets for forklift.

The box holds all or someĀ  handheld tools inside. It keeps tools in good order and is easy to lift to the back of a van or to a safe
place for the night – and it can be locked to your Avant mini loader.

  • Spacious, lockable box especially to store power tools
  • Easy to lift and transport with Avant mini loader
  • Flat reinforced cover can be used as a workbench
  • Can be equipped with a screw vice

Technical Information

Volume550 l
Weight160 kg
Product noA21689

Compatible Models

  •   Very Compatible
  •   Compatible
  •   Incompatible


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