Timber Grab HD

The Avant Heavy Duty Timber Grab attachment is equipped with a stronger boom and hydraulic rotator and larger grapple. It is intended especially for Avant 700 and 800 series compact loaders. The arborist kit which mounts on the boom is a standard feature. Instead of pushing a tree or branch down by hand you can use the HD Timber Grab attachment to push the tree or branch down. It is also possible to attach a rope on the bracket on the kit, which
enables towing the logs by pulling them with the loader.

  • HD Timber Grab with stronger boom and rotator and larger grapple
  •  Arborist kit as standard
  • Intended especially for Avant 700 and 800 series mini loaders

There are also two timber grab models which mount directly on the attachment coupling plate of the loader: one with hydraulic rotator and one without rotator. They are equipped with the same grapple as the A438973 HD grab.

Technical Information

Rotation Type
Grapple opening diameter1340 mm
Grip Area
0,2 m2
280 kg
Product noA438973

Mounting on loader’s quick attach plate

Rotation Type
No RotationHydraulic
Grapple opening diameter1340 mm1340 mm
Grip Area
0,2 m20,2 m2
160 kg210 kg
Product noA436473A437203

The optional Opticontrol is recommended with grab with hydraulic rotator, for operating the grab opening/closing and rotation (requires also 6 or 8 function joystick on the loader).

Compatible Models

With Boom                  
Without Boom                  
  •   Very Compatible
  •   Compatible
  •   Incompatible


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