Timber Grab With Rotator

The Timber grab is an attachment that allows you to grab tree trunks, branches, wood waste, kerb stones etc. and transport them both lengthwise and crosswise. This makes it possible to pass through narrow sites with large logs as well as enabling loading on trailer or on a pile in any direction. The Timber grab is available either with a hydraulic rotator or as freely rotating version.  The grab with hydraulic rotator is equipped with an electric solenoid valve for selection between grab opening/closing and rotator, operated from the driver’s seat.

  • Versatile grab for transporting and loading of tree trunks, branches, kerb stones etc.
  • Rotating grab allows transporting also lengthwise – makes it possible to pass through narrow places with long logs and facilitates work in dense forest
  • Available with hydraulic rotator or as freely rotating version

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Parts manufactured by Avant Tecno in Finland.


Rotation typeGrapple opening diameterGrabbing areaWeightProduct no
Freely rotatingmax. 1223 mm0,16 m2116 kgA37457
Hydraulic rotation *)max. 1223 mm0,16 m2136 kgA37456

Compatible Models

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