Avant Rental

No business wants to spend large sums of money on machines they only use occasionally, so Avant Equipment offers long-term rental solutions for our customers across Australia. 

Avant Equipment have flexible long-term rental solutions for inflexible budgets. Renting machinery can be a great solution for tight department budgets, educational institutions that require specialised machinery.

Our quality, machines are ergonomic and highly efficient. Flexible finance options also allow you to hire long-term or buy your hire machine.

Benefits of Hire:

  • Accurately cost jobs when quoting knowing exactly how much your equipment costs will be
  • Maintenance and consumables such as belts, teeth, bearings etc are no longer your problem
  • Long-term contracts available
  • Option to purchase machine at end of hire
  • Option to extend lease
  • Great for specific jobs that require specific machinery
  • Negotiating with the bank to fund expensive equipment is no longer a problem!

Avant Loaders are one of the most productive and versatile machines for any job site. Avant machines work across many applications and offer impressive lift capacity, great visibility and offer a quality guarantee so you can ensure you’re covered. Operator comfort is paramount especially through the closed in A/C cabins making the Avant’s perfect to work in any climate. A wide range of wheel loaders are available with a large range of attachments.

Avant Compact Loaders and attachments are manufactured by Avant Tecno in Finland. For more information call 1800 686 411 or contact us.