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Case Studies:

Leading Australian Honey supplier, Australian Honey Group, were experiencing a lack of versatility and efficiency with their old loader decreasing efficiency and forcing restrictions on their business. The absence of a sealed cab meant they needed to wear bee proof clothing, reducing visibility and impacting comfortability. “We didn’t have something that would meet all of our needs and loading and unloading the truck could be particularly unpleasant in darkness, with stings and in transport”, explains Rick Joyce, Australian Honey Group Managing Director. Read the full case study here or download the PDF.

Leading Australian Honey supplier, Rasmussen Apiary, were experiencing difficulty in moving hives effectively as well as cleaning apiary sites of long grass and shrub. This created excessive hard manual labour and strain on its employees. “We didn’t have a machine that could lift more than 2 beehives or 5 boxes of honey at a time. With no mechanical aid to help us clean apiary sites in forest areas we were placing a lot of effort into non-billable areas of the business”, explains Lachlan Rasmussen, Owner of Rasmussen Apiary. Read the full case study here or alternatively download the full PDF.

Australian nursery, Speciality Trees, were experiencing difficulty surrounding manoeuvrability and manual handling throughout their business due to the large weights of products. This reduced work productivity and efficiency, especially when moving large weights and loading and unloading trucks.

Read the full case study here or download the full PDF.

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