The Best Loader On The Market For Beekeeping

Apiarists and Bee keepers have long struggled with the manual labour that comes with the beekeeping industry. When you need to move multiple 480 kilogram pallets quickly and efficiently, having the right machine for the job is essential.

Avant BeePro Bee loaders enable operators to proactively increase efficiency and versatility rather than increasing staff or responsibilities. In addition, the Avant also improves operator comfort and work quality. The compact loader size allows horizontal parking on the back of the truck with the forks still attached. In addition to saving valuable tray space, the BeePro can easily transported to any site. Avant Bee Loaders are certainly the best loaders for bee keepers on the Australian market.

Avant Bee Loaders target visibility and efficiency, lift capacity and power. In addition they offer a range of attachments to suit any job. Due to the telescopic boom, the BeePro powers up to 1400kg lift capacity and up to 3 meters lifting height. In addition, the unique articulated chassis allows operators to move across a variety of terrain without damaging them. This makes the Bee Loaders perfect for sensitive areas such as National Parks and properties. With over 190 attachments and optional cab fittings such as the fully enclosed A/C cabin, Avant will help you do more with very little physical effort.

Despite the increase in power, comfort and versatility Avant don’t compromise on safety. From the load sensor system which provides an audible warning if the rear wheels are about to lift off the ground to the Avant quick hitch system allowing easy, safe and fast attachment coupling, the Avant range maintains both functionality and aesthetics as well as providing increased opportunity for the operator to respond to machine issues.

Why Avant for Beekeeping?

  • Ability to load the truck from one side using telescopic boom
  • Park sideways across your truck with pallet forks on, including the 523, 528, 530, 630, 635, 640 loaders
  • Option of deluxe cabin with air conditioning
  • Huge lifting capacity up to 1400kg
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Save time and man power
  • Easy to access and operate
  • All terrain 4wd with outstanding stability
  • Over 190 attachments available
  • Low tare weight
  • Compact dimensions
  • 18 different models ranging from 20hp to 57hp
  • Telescopic boom
  • 25 years in Australia
  • Reliability
  • Increases productivity
  • New OptiDrive System: high efficiency, hydraulic system
  • European manufactured, Australian service
  • 4 Wheel Drive

BeePro models include 400, 500 and 600 series.

The BeePro is manufactured by Avant Tecno in Finland and modified by Avant Equipment Australia. For more information call 1800 686 411.

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The Avant 635 Beekeeper has greatly improved the efficiency of our operation. Loading and Unloading the truck and dog trailer load times have improved and so has the loading and unloading the machine procedure. The forks are folded quickly and left on the machine and the new wheel mounted tie down points work brilliantly for quickly restraining the machine on the truck. The lift capacity is also impressive for a machine which is so compact.

Rick Joyce, Managing Director, Australian Honey Group.


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