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We have a range of mini loaders and attachments that will help you care for your horses and property easily and efficiently. An Avant mini loader can take care of all the physically challenging jobs on your property and also get lighter jobs done easier and faster than before. The uses of Avant mini loader are endless, limited only by your imagination.

Designed to operate in tight spaces, the compact Avant mini articulated loader can access most stables and arenas. The articulated steering and lightweight allows the Avant mini loader to be driven on any surface including rough terrain, making it the perfect loader to operate in stables and on equestrian properties. This includes delicate surfaces such as grass, building foundations, paving.

The Avant mini loader has the best tipping load and lifting power in its size category, which it a versatile tool for all work on horse properties. It is powerful enough to lift heavy loads of over 1,500 kg, and at the same time it’s compact enough to fit into tight spaces like stables and can be used indoors.

With a drive speed of up to 30 km/h, the Avant compact loaders can cross large distances with heavy weight such as hay or bedding, easily and quickly. Handling industrial sacks, round and square bales, truck pallets, dual wheels and other heavy goods is easy, safe and quick with an Avant mini loader. The telescopic boom allows you to complete jobs that require high lifting and outreach.

The Avant attachment range offers all type of attachments to meet the needs of equestrians. You only need one loader to perform all the tasks on your property with a quick and simple change of attachments.  Some of the Avant attachments for use in horse stables and on equestrian properties includes:

  • horse arena harrows
  • buckets
  • mowers
  • bale grabs, forks and handlers
  • manure forks and collectors
  • brooms
  • augers
  • high pressure washers

No matter what you need to do in your stable or on your horse property. Avant have the best  mini loaders and attachments to suit your needs and ensure you achieve the outcomes you’re after!

If you would like to discuss the best Avant mini loaders and attachments to suit your property then give us a call on 1800 686 411 or contact us here

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