200 Series

Compact Mini Loader For Property Maintenance & More!

  • 200 series articulated mini loader – perfect for gardening, landscaping, ground care and expert, recreational gardeners
  • Easy to drive and safe to use
  • Multi purpose – wide range of attachments available for all-year-round use
  • Most advantageous articulated Avant mini loader
  • Hydraulic system for professional use
  • Safety canopy and roof as a standard

200 Series Key Features

Continuous Four Wheel Drive

The continuous four wheel drive of the Avant mini oaders guarantees a superior pushing force.


Avant 200 Series mini loaders have a smooth, step-less hydrostatic transmission. As in bigger wheel loaders, the hydrostatic variable displacement drive pump is also pilot.

Powerful Auxiliary Hydraulics

Avant’s auxiliary hydraulics are exceptionally powerful in comparison to the size of the machine. Hydraulic oil cooler is also a standard feature.


The Avant’s controls are located within the cab so wear and tear is reduced. With plenty of legroom as well as excellent visibility to attachments, the Avant leads the Mini Loader class. Even more so, the safety frame with transparent polycarbonate canopy is standard, giving excellent cover and protection.

Easy to Drive

Two pedals control the Avant’s drive speed, so, one for driving forward and one for driving backwards. The more pressure on the pedal, the greater the machines speed. When you lift your foot off the pedal the machine stops and will not move unless the pedal is pressed again.


An ergonomic joystick easily controls the Avant’s lift so operators have excellent ease of use. The self levelling system also makes lifting and lowering the bucket extremely easy. Pedals control the Auxiliary Hydraulics easily.

Safety, Safety Frame & Canopy

Unrestricted 360 degree visibility, easy-to-use logical controls, self levelling lift arm and standard extra rear counterweights are certainly important built-in safety features.  Safety frame and canopy provide more safety and as well as protection against bad weather.

See what attachments to use with the 200 Series here. Avant’s 200 Series mini loader is designed and manufactured by Avant Tecno in Finland.

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Technical Information



  • Properties on a right scale
  • Efficiency of the loader means more free time for yourself
  • Easy to transport from place to place
  • Comfort


  • Same mini loader can perform all the tasks
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact and strong construction


  • Nearly 200 attachments
  • Year-round solution
  • Compact mini loader
  • Gentle on the lawn


  • Unbelievable power to weight ratio
  • Easy to drive
  • Speed 10km/h


  • Excellent visibility
  • Stability
  • Safety canopy as a standard


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