300 Series

Powerful & Compact Direct Drive Skid Steer Loader

  • Skid steer loader – very useful in farming, especially inside smaller buildings
  • Width starting from 79 cm
  • Direct hydraulic drive with drive motor on each wheel
  • Telescopic boom available as an option

Avant 300 Series

The Avant 300 series turns easily on the spot and therefore very useful in tight situations. Thanks to a robust and uncomplicated design, the Avant 300 is a strong machine and also an economical choice.

Also, Avant Mini Loaders power a wide range of options for all jobs. The telescopic boom gives more lift height and outreach – meaning more flexibility when load handling.

Avant machines are especially popular in agricultural applications. On construction sites, Avant is an excellent machine for various refurbishing works inside buildings and is very efficient with the Avant hydraulic breaker. The compact dimensions and low unladen weight of the Avant machines are a key benefit when working inside old buildings.

See what attachments to use with the 300 series here. The 300 series is designed and manufactured by Avant Tecno in Finland.

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Technical Information



  • Over 50 attachments available
  • Year-round solution
  • Wide range of useful options


  • Excellent lift capacity in relation to the size of the machine
  • Telescopic boom available as an option, for increased lift height and outreach
  • Same quick attachment system as in other Avant models


  • Turns on the spot
  • Extremely compact design
  • Durable and well-proven concept


Other Attachments