700 series

Avant 700 Series: Largest & Most Powerful Avant

  • Highest lifting capacity, pulling force and drive speed – as high as 30 km/h
  • High-flow auxiliary hydraulics runs all Avant attachments
  • Telescopic boom as standard
  • Wide range of options
  • All cab options available,  also A/C on cab DLX
  • Optidrive™ drive circuit developed by Avant improves the performance of the loader by 10 %

More drive speed

The max. drive speed of the Avant 700 series is 30km/h, allowing customers to cover distances quickly. Because of this feature, the 700 Series has been especially popular in farming, construction and nurseries allowing operators to move quickly around job sites.

More power to attachments 

The cornerstone of Avant’s success is versatility: modular design of the basic machine together with over 100 attachments makes Avant an unbeatable package. Auxiliary hydraulics oil flow of the new 700 series is as big as 70l/min with up to a 57 hp diesel engine. You can be sure that there is enough power for driving and operating the attachment at the same time.

Lifting Capacity

The Avant 700-series is renewed for its powerful lifting capacity. Larger outside dimensions naturally give better balance to the lifting weight. The lifting capacity with the 760i lifts an impressive 1600 kg and with the breakout force at least 35% better than the 600-series.

Versatile Machine for Construction

Avant is a superb multipurpose machine on construction sites. The compact four wheel drive loader has excellent rough terrain capabilities and can easily handle and transport loose materials, timber, pallets, as well as big bags on sites that other conventional material handlers are too large for. The Avant 700  saves time and money with large reductions in manual labour. The light weight of the machine also allows for transportation by trailer from yard to site.

The Avant 700 becomes a one stop machine with the multitude of attachments available. This includes breakers, trenchers, backhoes, cement mixer barrels, and sweeper brushes, etc. This reduces the number of machines required on-site.

For more information on the Avant 700 Series Articulated Loaders, call 1800 686 411 or contact us.

Parts manufactured by Avant Tecno in Finland.

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Technical Information



  • Excellent visibility
  • Stability
  • Safety canopy and safety roof as a standard
  • Load sensor


  • Telescopic boom and lifting power
  • Optidrive™
  • Fast and easy to connect attachments
  • Easy to drive
  • Speeds up to 30 km/h


  • Over 190 attachments
  • Year-round solution
  • Compact machine
  • Gentle on the lawn


  • L
  • LX
  • DLX


  • Same machine can perform multiple tasks
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact and strong construction


  • Lifting capacity
  • Speed and pulling force
  • Comfort


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