Lift Capacity

Engine Power

Lift Height

Maximum Speed

800 series

Largest and most powerful articulated loader
3.5 m57 hp3.5 m30 km/h

700 Series

Power for professionals
3.1 m57 hp3.1 m30 km/h

600 Series

Power and agility
2.8 m37.5 hp2.8 m22 km/h

500 Series

Unbeatable power - price ratio
2.8 m26 hp2.8 m19 km/h

400 Series

Light and economical workhorse
2.8 m22 hp2.8 m12 km/h

200 Series

Light and compact mini articulated loader
1.4 m25 hp1.4 m10 km/h

R Series

The different kind of Avant
2.8 m37.5 hp2.8 m14 km/h

e Series

Full electric Avant
2.8 m11.5 kW2.8 m10 km/h

BeePro Series

The best loader for Beekeepers on the market!
2.8 m37.5 hp diesel2.8 m22 km/h

ArborPro Series

The best loader for Arborists and Tree loppers on the market!
3.1m57 hp diesel3.1m30 km/h