Articulated Mini Loaders

The unique articulated chassis design of the Avant mini loader makes it an unrivalled machine in its class. It is very stable, easy to drive, and turns smoothly, without damaging sensitive surfaces. With over 200 attachments for just about any job the Avant loader is a true multipurpose mini loader.

This quick selection guide will help you find the best compact loader to meet your requirements.

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Avant mini loaders and attachments are manufactured by Avant Tecno in Finland.

Lift Capacity

Engine Power

Lift Height

Maximum Speed

800 series

Largest and most powerful Avant articulated compact loader
1900 kg49 hp3.5 m24 km/h

700 Series

Power for professionals
1500 kg57 hp3.1 m30 km/h

600 Series

Power and agility
1100 kg37.5 hp2.8 m22 km/h

500 Series

Unbeatable power - price ratio
950 kg26 hp2.8 m19 km/h

400 Series

Light and economical workhorse
550 kg22 hp2.8 m12 km/h

200 Series

Light and compact mini articulated loader
350 kg20 hp1.4 m10 km/h

R Series

A different kind of Avant mini loader
1050 kg37.5 hp2.8 m14 km/h

e Series

Full electric Avant mini loader
900 kg11.5 kW2.8 m10 km/h

BeePro Series - 635

The best mini loader for Beekeepers on the market!
1100 kg37.5 hp diesel2.8 m14 km/h

ArborPro Series - 745

The best loader for Arborists and Tree loppers on the market!
1400 kg49 hp diesel3 m15 km/h